Why Olive

At Olive Healthcare, the inherent properties of Soft Gel Formulations are combined with our abilities to

  • Safely handle active ingredients ranging from Plant Extracts to highly active Potent Drugs with Narrow Therapeutic Windows.
  • Deliver an Exceptionally high level of product uniformity when considering highly active ingredients.
  • High-precision filling of a wide variety of dose strength. Depending on the potency of the compounds we have the capability of filling materials ranging from 60mg to 2.5 grams.
  • Microencapsulation of potent or unstable molecules to achieve better Efficacy and Patient Compliance.

Customization for each Product

We treat each product as a unique entity. The extensive Research and Development Conducted by our Formulators enables us meet the innovative ideas of our Customers.

Our customization begins right from the Gelatin Ribbon and spans into the Analytical and Chemical inheritance of the active compound.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Olive Healthcare's manufacturing unit incorporates the most modern State-Of-The-Art technology which enables us to deliver an uncompromising product quality, precision and uniformity for our products.

Quality and Good Manufacturing Practices

Our goal is to continuously strive for perfection and deliver quality products to our consumer base keeping alive the tradition of serving quality products.

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Olive Healthcare is a fully integrated Developer, Manufacturer and marketer of BROAD RANGE of Soft Gelatin Formulations with a strong Regulatory and Infrastructure back end to support its R&D and Growth Strategy in Global Markets.

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