Natural Oils/ Ingredient Soft Gels

  • Evening Primrose Oil Soft Gels (GLA Capsules)
  • Flax Seed Oil Soft Gels
  • Wheat Germ Oil Soft Gels
  • Borage Oil Soft Gels
  • Odorless Garlic Oil Soft Gels
  • Castor Oil Soft Gels
  • Aloe Vera Oil Soft Gels
  • Starflower Oil Soft Gels
  • Co-enzyme Q10 Soft Gels
  • Reduced CoQ10 Soft Gels
  • Hyaluronic Acid Soft Gels
  • Lecithin Soft Gels
  • Phytosterol Soft Gels
  • Reservatrol Soft Gels (Cardio Protective)

Olive is among the largest importers of Marine Ingredients for Formulations in India. Olive uses a host of Marine Ingredients for Manufacturing of Soft Gels for Global Supplies.

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Olive Healthcare is a fully integrated Developer, Manufacturer and marketer of BROAD RANGE of Soft Gelatin Formulations with a strong Regulatory and Infrastructure back end to support its R&D and Growth Strategy in Global Markets.

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